2010 Conference

Mon 11th – Wed 13th January 2010 The Royal Hotel, Bray

Download 2010 Brochure Irish Preachers Conference (pdf)


* · Bible exposition and ministry addresses to feed on God’s Word together

* · Preaching workshops to learn together and help one another ‘rightly handle the Word of Truth’.

* · Prayer together for one another in our ministries

* · Fellowship and relaxation together, with time off to enjoy the surrounding area

Preaching Workshops

These are a central feature of preaching conferences: we work together in small groups on a book or theme with a small number of others under the leadership of an experienced preacher. The goal is to help one another in our handling and communication of the Bible’s message.

Each workshop will meet three times, and will involve some preparation before the conference: details of this will be sent about a month in advance.

Stream 1 – David Martin on Mark

Stream 2 – Eddie Coulter on Colossians

Stream 3 – Ferran Glenfield on Isaiah

Stream 4 – Gary Millar on the Song of Songs

Stream 5 – John Samuel on Romans 1-8

Stream 6 – Ed Vaughan on 1 Kings 11-15

Stream 7 – Paudge Mulvihill on The Beatitudes

Please indicate your stream preference on the registration form. We do our best to fit you into the group of your choice, but will allocate on a first come, first served basis.

Speakers & Workshop Leaders

Liam Goligher, our main speaker, is senior minister of Duke Street Church, Richmond in South West London. He pastored churches in Ireland, Canada & his native Scotland before moving to London. He is author of several books and a regular speaker at major Christian conventions such as Keswick and New Word Alive.

David Martin is on the staff at Emmanuel Church in central Dublin.

Eddie Coulter is superintendent of the Irish Church Mission in Dublin and an Anglican minister.

Ferran Glenfield is rector of Kill O’ The Grange Church of Ireland parish in South County Dublin.

Gary Millar pastors a pair of Presbyterian churches in North County Dublin.

John Samuel is pastor of Grosvenor Road Baptist Church in Dublin.

Ed Vaughan is rector of Crinken Parish Church near Bray.

Paudge Mulvihill leads the Calvary Mission in Mayo and serves as Hon Sec of Aontas, an association of evangelical churches in the Republic.

Is it for Me?

This conference is for those in full-time Word ministry in Ireland. It affords an opportunity to be ministered to as well as to work hard together on the task of preaching. None of us can ‘go it alone’, and fellowship with others across the denominations who share in the struggles of authentic, biblical ministry can be a vital source of strength and encouragement. So, if that is you, we welcome you to join us.

Venue & Cost

* The conference is residential and will be held in The Royal Hotel, Bray, Co. Wicklow from 2pm on Mon 11th until after lunch on Wed 13th January 2010.

* The cost is €190 Euro and is inclusive of all meals and accommodation. There is an early booking fee of €175 up to 30 November. We have some funds available to help if the fee is a problem; please ask Julia Tan about this.

* We are keen for participants to be there for the whole conference. However, we are offering a non-residential rate of €135 for those who do not require overnight accommodation.

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